Wise words | Keeping the kids occupied

It’s the first ‘school day’ back since schools up and down the country broke up until, well, we’re not quite sure until when! With many parents and carers throughout the UK wondering what are the kids going to do all day? We’ve pulled together our top 3 tips (along with our other articles) to help make this unusual time as ‘normal’ as possible!  


Between 8:30 and 3:30 (give or take an hour either side), Monday to Friday, children are used to following a schedule, a timetable of topics and activities to do each day. So why not do the same for whilst they’re at home. It’s quick and easy to make, just grab some paper and a pen and& map out how you want each day to look. We want to keep the kids as busy as possible so you can get on with other things, getting the children to suggest topics they find interesting at school is a great way to keep them interested and busy! Short and sweet bursts of activity are the best way to keep the kids engaged, along with regular breaks and snack times (the exact same format they follow at school!)  

All work but play too

No matter what age, it’s important to take a break from and entertain your mind doing something fun/active! Depending on their age, every child will have their toy/game of choice, a mixture of traditional games (jigsaws, board games, etc.) and the ‘modern-day’ approach like tablets, apps, etc. will keep their minds occupied and motivated to complete the tasks set out for them that day. It won’t take up too much time pulling ideas together, there’s plenty of existing ideas out there, such as PE with Joe WicksHobbycraft’s 11am craft workshop or speaking to fellow parents for their favourite recommendations.

Don’t play teacher all the time

This is an unusual, stressful and scary time for all of us, including children. This is a huge change for them too – no longer being in school with their friends, different classrooms and teachers, etc. so it’s important to continue to help and encourage them in everyday life. If they haven’t already, there’s no doubt your children will start to ask questions about why this is happening and how long will it last? Keeping calm and proactive is an important approach to take when discussing the Coronavirus with children: make them familiar with the symptoms and next steps to take if they’re experiencing them, choose their favourite song for them to wash their hands to, have regular chats with them about what they think about the current situation so that you can help minimise any stress or anxiety they might be feeling.

Charities and organisations from all over the globe have pulled together some fantastic information and advice to help us all settle into our new routines during this pandemic. We’d highly recommend checking these out for extra advice, and as always, please refer to the NHS 111 website (111.nhs.uk/covid-19) for the latest help and advice on symptoms and procedures to follow. 


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