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Wiseliving's cookie policy.


Wise Living is a trading name of Wise Living Developments Limited, company number 12072018 and and its subsidiaries. All are registered in England and Wales with registered office at: 17 Regan Way, Chetwynd Business Park, Chilwell, Nottingham, NG9 6RZ.

This Cookie Policy forms part of our legal information and sets out how we use cookies on our website to help make your visits more effective.


Cookies are small text files placed on your computer by websites and sometimes by emails. They provide useful information to organisations, by helping to understand users’ behaviour when they interact with a website – to make customers’ experience on that website more effective and efficient and enable organisations to provide targeted advertising.


We use cookies to ensure our website functions at its best, to help us understand how you use it and to inform improvements to its functionality. We may also use them to provide targeted advertising to you across third-party platforms about our services.

The cookies on our website are either:

·      Essential. These are either needed for communication to take place over a network or are necessary to provide the service you are requesting (our website cannot function without them). In such cases, we are not required by law to obtain your consent before these are placed on your device; or

·      Non-Essential. You can use our website without enabling these cookies, however we highly suggest that you agree to activate these on your device whilst you browse. Some Non-Essential cookies improve our website’s functionality, so you experience our website at its best; others help us to understand how you use our website for analytics purposes or provide you with targeted advertising. The types of Non-Essential cookies we use are listed in this policy.

We will not place cookies on your device without your consent unless they are Essential. We will notify you of this Cookie Policy and request your acceptance of it through the privacy banner that appears on our landing page. The first time that you visit our website you will be asked to consent to the use of all Non-Essential cookies.


We use two types of cookies on our website:

  • Session cookies, that are deleted after each visit
  • Persistent/tracking cookies, that remain in place across multiple visits to our websites and which may involve third-party providers. By accepting Non-Essential cookies, your device data will be shared with the third parties listed below.


Session Cookies

Session cookies are enabled on your device for the duration of your browsing session until you leave our website. They are not stored on your device. We operate both Essential, and Non-Essential session cookies. All session cookies are recommended in order for you to experience the best functionality whilst using our website.

Most of our session cookies operate solely using our own internal software, although others operate with the following third parties, who will receive data regarding your device’s visit to our site including for the following purposes:

  • LinkedIn-







Persistent Cookies

Persistent cookies remain on your device after you leave our website. We use the following Non-Essential persistent cookies our website, including for the following purposes and retain data from them for the following periods:

  • LinkedIn- used by the social networking service for tracking the use of embedded services and data analysis. Duration: 2 years







The data these cookies collect is anonymised. The only device-specific data collected is:

  • IP address (captured and stored in an anonymized format);
  • Screen resolution;
  • Type of device (unique device identifiers), operating system, and browser type;
  • Geographic location (country only); and
  • Preferred language.


You can change your cookie settings to withdraw your consent at any point by blocking cookies through your browser settings. You can block both Essential and Non-Essential cookies, but please note that blocking Essential cookies will reduce the functionality of our website, and blocking Non-Essential cookies may similarly negatively impact your user experience.

For more information on how to disable cookies in your browser please see the Information Commissioner’s Office website. ( Please note that if you share your computer, accepting or blocking the use of cookies will affect all users of that computer.


For more information about cookies visit the Information Commissioners’ website

If you have any queries regarding this policy, please contact our Data Protection Officer Amy Ingers at:

For further information on any of our sites, please fill out the contact form below and one of our designated letting agents will be in touch to guide you through the process. If you are interested in a development that is “coming soon”, your details will be kept on file and an agent will be in contact with you when the development is launched.