Tootle Park, Salford (Tootle Park)

M6 8FN

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Situated in  Salford this development offers 26 homes that have been built for the rental market an ideal location offering a harmonious blend of urban convenience and neighborhood tranquility. Nestled within a thriving community, residents enjoy easy access to essential amenities, including shops, schools, and public transportation. With its close proximity to green spaces and parks, this location offers opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation. Moreover, the area boasts a diverse cultural scene, with various dining options and entertainment venues nearby.


Salford, situated in Greater Manchester, boasts excellent transport links, facilitating easy access for residents and visitors alike. The area benefits from a well-developed network of bus routes, providing convenient connections within Salford itself and to neighboring towns and cities, including Manchester city center. Additionally, Salford is served by several train stations, including Salford Central and Salford Crescent, offering regular services to Manchester Victoria, Manchester Piccadilly, and beyond. For those commuting by car, Salford enjoys close proximity to major motorways such as the M602 and M60, providing quick and direct access to destinations across the region. With its comprehensive public transportation network and convenient road connections, Salford offers residents and visitors efficient and accessible travel options, enhancing connectivity throughout the area.


In Salford, residents in postcode areas such as M5 and M6 have access to a diverse range of educational institutions catering to all ages and academic levels. From early years and primary schools providing a solid foundation for young learners to secondary schools offering comprehensive curricula and vocational pathways, Salford offers a wealth of educational opportunities. Additionally, the area is home to further education colleges and universities, providing higher education and professional development opportunities for students of all ages. These educational institutions prioritize academic excellence, personal development, and inclusivity, striving to create supportive learning environments where every student can thrive. With a commitment to nurturing talent and fostering lifelong learning, the schools in Salford play a crucial role in shaping the future success of the community.


Salford offers a diverse and bustling shopping scene, providing residents and visitors with an array of retail options to explore. The city center is home to well-known high street brands, department stores, and shopping centers, offering a wide range of fashion, electronics, homeware, and more. Additionally, Salford Quays is a popular destination with its waterfront setting, designer outlet mall, and leisure facilities. The area also boasts local markets and independent boutiques, providing unique finds and artisan goods. With its mix of modern shopping centers, traditional markets, and independent shops, Salford offers a vibrant and dynamic shopping experience for all tastes and preferences.


Salford offers a diverse range of leisure facilities to cater to the interests and lifestyles of its residents. Sports enthusiasts can take advantage of modern sports centers, gyms, and recreational clubs offering facilities for various activities such as swimming, fitness classes, and team sports. The city is home to numerous parks and green spaces where residents can enjoy outdoor activities, including walking, jogging, and picnicking, as well as participating in organized sports and events. Additionally, Salford boasts cultural attractions such as theaters, museums, and art galleries, providing opportunities for residents to explore the arts and local heritage. The city also hosts a variety of community events, festivals, and markets throughout the year, offering opportunities for socializing, entertainment, and celebrating the local community. With its blend of sports facilities, outdoor spaces, cultural attractions, and community events, Salford provides a vibrant and dynamic leisure scene for residents of all ages to enjoy and participate in.

Our aim is to revolutionise the private rental sector by challenging existing standards, creating and nurturing communities and, ultimately, driving better living standards for our tenants.  this development offers 26 two and three bedroom homes that have been specifically built for the rental market.

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